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Product Features:

Hand made baby quilts from 100% natural quality anti-bacterial materials

Each baby quilt is individually crafted by hand

made with Love by MEA baby quilts are fun and educational

All baby quilts are warm, colourful and light weight

Care Instructions

Baby Patchwork Quilt Care instructions are included on your personalized baby's patch panel

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Hand Crafted in the
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Melbourne, Australia.




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Here's some sample feedback snippets from people who own one or more of my Made With Love By Mea Patchwork Blanket creations (with a special thanks back for allowing me to post your comments)...

Baby Patchwork Quilt Customer Quote I was so impressed with the quality of the first baby patchwork quilt I got from you, that I am back buying another as a present for my sister-in-law -her baby boy's Christening is coming up.

- T.K. from Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia.
Baby Patchwork Quilt Customer Quote
Baby Patchwork Quilt Customer Quote Hubby and I both adore the hand stitched baby details. And baby looks so cute snuggled under her new blanket. Hope you liked the pic we sent as proof! Thanks a million!

- L.J. from Black Heath, London, England.
Baby Patchwork Quilt Customer Quote
Baby Patchwork Quilt Customer Quote I knew my baby's blanket had arrived when I saw the postman holding a package just like in the picture on your website. My blanket is perfect. Online shopping is the best.

- M.M. from Glebe, Sydney, Australia.
Baby Patchwork Quilt Customer Quote
Baby Patchwork Quilt Customer Quote Thanks for having a web site. Now when I'm asked "Where did you get that baby quilt?", I say "Google 'Made with Love By Mea' to get your own one." And I would recommend you to anyone wanting a quality quilt.

- S.L. from Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia.
Baby Patchwork Quilt Customer Quote

Short Baby Patchwork Quilts News Note:

CONTACT 0433 365 811. WOW!! It is coming up to the end of the 6th month of this year already....time seems to just fly along quickly. I have moved again, to a smaller house, so trying to set up my sewing somewhere. Winter is setting in here in Melbourne but I know that soon the Spring air will be back YAY!!

Baby Patchwork Quilts News Last updated on:
Tuesday, 28th June 2016

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