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Product Features:

Hand made baby quilts from 100% natural quality anti-bacterial materials

Each baby quilt is individually crafted by hand

made with Love by MEA baby quilts are fun and educational

All baby quilts are warm, colourful and light weight

Care Instructions

Baby Patchwork Quilt Care instructions are included on your personalized baby's patch panel

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Hand Crafted in the
Outer Eastern Suburbs of
Melbourne, Australia.


What's Special about these Crafted Baby Patchwork Quilts?

Baby Patchwork Quilts Personalized Name Tag Example My hand crafted Personalized Baby Patchwork Blanket designs are available in Girl colours, Boy colours and Unisex colours. Each baby patchwork quilted blanket is made from 100% cotton flannelette and 100% bamboo batting. The natural fibre has natural anti-bacterial properties which makes it perfect for Baby Blankets.

Get your own Free Personalised Baby Birth Details Patch with each order

Stand apart from the crowd with your baby's very own funky flannelette quilt complete with my extra special personalized birth details label


Personalized selection

Hand sewn baby label

Safe for baby

With care instructions

Light yet snugly warm

Hand crafted Quality


Great reasons to get a Made With Love by Mea Priceless Heirloom Baby Quilts, Blankets & Playmats now.

Great for Mums wanting that memorable baby blanket for their special new born

Ideal as personal "Grandma to Baby" present which their grandchild will cherish

Wonderful as a practical "Welcome Baby" gift for favourite friends and relatives

Be prepared. Buy two and keep one at Nanna's for those special cosy stay-overs


Welcome Message:

Welcome to the Made With Love by Mea baby quilts and blankets web site.

Made With Love by Mea baby blankets and quilts are used by babies throughout the world. Not only in Australia but from places beyond and as far away as scenic Scotland and Austria. International and local orders both enjoy free delivery.

I hand craft and offer for sale my special range of excellent quality baby patchwork quilts, baby patchwork blankets and baby patchwork playmats. All my pieces are offered at a set price so you can easily enjoy owning any of my priceless heirloom creations.

My MadeWithLoveByMea baby blanket creations take about 4 hours each to make. They are a much better choice if compared against shop purchased, mass produced, woollen pieces with machine made embroidery. My quilted blankets are lovingly made to be as unique as your baby.


Short Baby Patchwork Quilts News Note:

CONTACT 0433 365 811. WOW!! It is coming up to the end of the 6th month of this year already....time seems to just fly along quickly. I have moved again, to a smaller house, so trying to set up my sewing somewhere. Winter is setting in here in Melbourne but I know that soon the Spring air will be back YAY!!

Baby Patchwork Quilts News Last updated on:
Tuesday, 28th June 2016

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